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May 27 '11

answerin’ a question about anime-stylin’

brikit asked:
I know that a lot of artists who were into anime as a kid and teenager feel a lot of regret about liking and drawing so much anime when they were younger. Personally, I caught a lot of crap from my professors for drawing “too anime-y” (even though my style was evolving and growing away from that!) because that was all they’d see in my art because they’d known me for so long. But I don’t regret or cringe at my old obsession with anime. If I hadn’t drawn anime, I wouldn’t be the artist I am now, and wouldn’t have had any confidence in art (which I really needed in high school, haha).

I guess the point of my question is do you feel any regret for liking/drawing anime stuff?

I grew up watching Japanese cartoons (although the word “anime” wouldn’t be properly imported into the lexicon for several years).  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching Anpanman and Doraemon and Dragonball.  It’s not something that I’m ashamed of; it’s an integral part of my childhood, and in some strange ways, has helped to form my adult self.

Ha ha yeah, I also got flack from professors for being too derivative.  And I have moved away from an anime style as I’ve discovered new things— but in that way, my style will probably never be static.  I keep on finding things that I’d like to dabble in and riff on and emulate.  It should be the same with all artists.

I will say this: drawing in an anime-influenced style is not something to overcome.  It’s something to be assimilated into everything else you’ve learned.  There is more to the anime “house style” than big eyes and small mouths.  There’s insight into storytelling and character that is (thankfully) now being integrated into western comics.  Everything has something to teach!

And jeez, I STILL like anime.  I own craptons of manga and still watch anime.

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