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What are you doing.

why are you doing it.
Feb 4 '11

So I guess I’m doing a thing

So, a representative from Tumblr asked me to be a contributing editor for a “curated” illustration section of the website.  The blog is over here; the other editors have promoted some really neat stuff.  I’m sure the curated blogs (there’s one for each sub-directory) will be promoted more in the future, but they exist now and are worth checking out.

I’ve been told not to take bribes or only promote my friends, so I guess there’ll be none of that.  But 90% of you people who I follow are illustrators, and the lot of you are on my radar.  Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’!

A-anyway, I’m sure the only reason I was approached for this was because you fellas promoted me to the #1 spot in the Illustration directory, and I’m grateful to every one of you.  I’m glad we’re internet-pals.

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