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What are you doing.

why are you doing it.
Feb 1 '11

thefern386 asked:

What are all those characters in those line-ups from? Also, your work is awesome!

A couple people asked this!  I scribbled all over the full lineup with some basic character relationships and the stories everyone’s from.  The two “personal projects” (E.I.B., and Northerner) are personal stories that have been following me around for 8-12 years that will probably never be turned into proper comics.  They’re personal to the point that I’d feel awkward putting them up to public scrutiny.  Girl with the Skeleton Hand is a Johnny Wander short (the second installment is written, but I can’t get to it quite yet), and Lucky Penny is a book Ananth and I are working on currently.  Serona is likely (hopefully) going to be a series of books we do after Penny.

(Just pretend Death is in the lineup, I didn’t feel like re-ordering them again. )

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  1. thefern386 said: Sweet! I can’t wait to read them all!
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