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What are you doing.

why are you doing it.
Jan 23 '11

gamma27-deactivated20110223 asked:

Hey, I really love your comic series, and I just had a quick question. I saw that you did a mini-series on your experiences in Mass Effect 2. Do you play any other video games?

Haha, thank you!  I don’t play video games often — I usually prefer to watch other people playing while doing something else.  The most I actually played of Mass Effect was mining for resources when Ananth got sick of it.  XD

That said, I’ve been playing Minecraft and Animal Crossing: City Folk on and off— more Minecraft than Animal Crossing.  I enjoy the not-impossibly-hard Zelda games, I played both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess within the past few years, and Ocarina of Time is the only game I’ve ever played twice.  I’m a huge fan of the Katamari series, although I don’t own any of them.  Not huge on FPS games, but I’ve played a pretty good amount of Left 4 Dead and the original Halo.  I’m not super great at rhythm games, but I love Patapon and DDR.  I got Scribblenauts when it first came out, but the novelty ran out after sandboxing for a few hours.  Played WoW with my friends for about a year in college, but it’s not really my thing.  I’ll probably get Pokémon: Black/White when it comes out.

I was super into the Final Fantasy series back-when, but I don’t allow myself to play JRPGs anymore, because I get too wrapped up in them and then don’t get any work done.  Ananth has been trying to get me to play FF12 for years now, but I’m afraid I’d sink all of my time into it.  XD

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  1. zaniac said: Charles Darwin meets cockfighting for the win!
  2. somnule said: What kind of things have you built in Minecraft? Any basilisks or statues of Rook?
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