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What are you doing.

why are you doing it.
Jan 21 '11

the-full-grohac asked:

Two part question.
First part:
How hard did you train to become the worst?
Second part:
You are the worst.

Becoming the worst wasn’t easy.  You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to be the worst; the worst has to be earned.  I trained in 1000x gravity doing worst push-ups and running worst laps.  I ate nothing but worst smoothies and slept only worst hours a night.

Now I’m the very worst, like no one ever was.  DAH NAHN-NAHN-NA

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  2. sarufish said: "Worst" must mean "super awesome and really cool, man" in another language. If not that statement makes no sense.
  3. crumpetseeds said: You ate nothing but wurst smoothies. Terrible pun intended.
  4. somnule said: I definitely thought you were going to say “I ate nothing but bratwurst”.
  5. shnargen said: The first one was a troll? THE FIRST? Wow, nice. Sorry about the internet, Yuko. At least I love your art!
  6. ashwara said: If you’re gonna do anything you gotta do it the best. Even it that’s being the worst.
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